In the best of times or the worst of times, choosing a holiday card for employees can be a gruelling challenge anytime, even if you’re the boss—and especially when putting words to paper. Why?

Because today’s corporate workplaces are more diverse than ever, and thus, communicating a greeting with the right holiday card can often entangle one in a maze of questions about cultural sensitivities. How do you write Christmas cards for employees without alienating some? Worse yet, what if they’re welcome?

Staff morale is another consideration: extending holiday greetings—with sincerity—may ring hollow for some during tough times. Nevertheless, no boss wants to be the Scrooge who ignored Christmas altogether. Optimism, gratitude, hope—any one of these positive feelings can provide a simple reason to celebrate this season.

How do you start to write the perfect holiday card?

If You Don’t Always Thank Employees, Tell Them With A Holiday Card

Whether for little things, things we should be doing anyway—or the things that drive accomplishment—the truth is employees want to be thanked, they want to hear it too. They want to feel appreciated, that their work has, in fact, made a difference; and no message will go farther to say “thank you” than with a corporate holiday card. Comprising two simple words, a “thank you” holiday card can reinforce relationships, mend hurt feelings, or even remind employees that, yes, you recognize and appreciate their work.

After all, no one builds a business alone.

Besides, what better time is there than the year’s end to address employees by name, mention a specific milestone they achieved, and say “thank you”? But remember to base your thanks on each situation; everyone is unique. In a corporate holiday card, such subtle, positive reinforcement will tell employees to “keep up the great work” without the condescension. And they’ll remember for the next year.

Sometimes, With Holiday Cards For Employees, Pictures Say It Best

It’s true. A picture can tell—and sell—a thousand words. How? Pictures communicate sentiments employees can feel without words getting in the way, or betraying the intended message.

So, do you want to encourage employees after a tough last quarter? Pump up morale following a stressful disappointment? Or remind your employees, quite simply, that you care? There’s a timeless adage all writers follow: show, don’t tell, and corporate holiday cards expressing a calm, serene mood will show them. Whether it’s a blue horizon,  a snowy, velvet-white landscape, or a Christmas tree glowing in twilight, imagery on a holiday card can convey what you mean to say without the aggravating toil for perfect words or phrases.

And certainly, it’s much more meaningful than email.

Charity Corporate Holiday Cards Are The Perfect Reason For Any Season

Believe it or not, navigating the potential minefield of employee sensitivities demands careful consideration—especially when writing a corporate holiday card. But don’t stress if the task seems daunting. These simple tips can help:

  • Avoid generalized greetings such as “Dear Employee” or  “Dear Staff.” Instead, mention employees by name and a specific accomplishment over the past year.
  • Emphasize the importance of employees to your company’s success. Everyone wants to feel appreciated.
  • If words get in the way, choose a card that visualizes the best, clearest message employees are unlikely to misread.

Charity Cards boasts a plentiful list of helpful corporate holiday card examples to get you started on the right foot. From thank you cards and birthday cards to holiday cards, Charity Cards can help you craft the perfect greeting message for employees—and for a good cause, too!

If you would like to give employees a creative card this holiday season, browse Charity Cards’ artists to find one who can craft your message the way you want—or visit the greeting card shop.