Giving a greeting card to clients may be automatic when celebrating seasonal events. However, you should regard it as a free invitation to showcase your brand to your clients and to make a subtle marketing pitch to new customers!

That means some thought and deliberation should go into picking cards for a corporate holiday card or when ordering cards for businesses you work with frequently.

The basic idea to remember is that your cards for business partners, clients or customers must reflect what you and your business are all about. Needless to say, if you are handing out the cheapest possible cards with tired images, you’ve missed an opportunity to make an impression.

Quality Cards Tell a Story

Greeting cards come in all different styles. Opting for a greeting card with thick stock, beautiful illustrations and a meaningful inscription will grab attention and say you value the client relationship and will take the time and money to prove it every chance you get. This applies whether you are choosing an individual card or ordering cards in bulk.

Other ways you can make a statement about yourself through holiday cards for clients is to show them your compassionate side. The holidays are a time when people think of those less fortunate. If you can demonstrate your cards support a charity, you will be more likely to make a positive impression.

Personalize Your Message

Another way to make an impression is to know your customer. If your client is a hockey fan, there are numerous holiday cards with sentimental scenes of hockey played on frozen rinks or modern pictures of kids playing. If your client has a sense of humor, there are whimsical cards available to tickle their fancy. If your client loves the outdoors, there are corporate greeting cards that will remind them of the deep dark woods, glassy lakes or frosty mountains.

What You Write Must be Right

Of course the card is only half the message if you are trying to make an impression on a client. What you say inside a card is equally important.

Your message within your corporate greeting card should be social and professional, but not too personal as to make the client feel awkward. Tell them what a pleasure it was to work with them and how you look forward to another successful year. Make a special mention of business details—how you made their business more successful—and then give them warm holiday greetings.

It’s All in the Delivery

And just like telling a joke, it’s all in the delivery. Don’t mail your card if you can help it and don’t send it along with a gift basket either (although, certainly bring a gift basket). Remember, use every opportunity to highlight and promote how much you value the client—and find out if there are any business opportunities for you—that means hand delivering your card to your client.

In this way, you know your card will be opened and read and you will then have the time and a platform to tell the client what’s new with your business and see if you can help them in the New Year.


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