How To Write Thoughtful Birthday Card Messages

How To Write Thoughtful Birthday Card Messages

Working in an office means there’s a birthday to celebrate quite often. Whether it’s a co-worker, employee, or client’s birthday, you’ll want to send a card with a thoughtful birthday messages.

At Charity Cards, know how difficult it can be to come up with happy birthday messages, which is why we’ve put together a few tips so you can write the best birthday messages every time!

Birthday Messages For Co-Workers

When writing birthday messages for co-workers, you’ll want to write something short and sweet. Express how much you value this person both as a co-worker and a friend, and make sure the message is meaningful.

In most cases, the birthday card will be shared around the office for everyone to sign and add their own birthday messages, so you don’t want to write anything too personal or anything that can be interpreted the wrong way. Save that for your own card or for celebrating after work. That being said, the message should still be personal and unique.

Depending on your office environment, in addition to a wonderful birthday card, you could also get your co-worker baked goods, like a cake or cupcakes, decorate their workspace with a banner and some balloons, and share this special day on the business’s social media accounts.

Birthday Messages For Employees

Birthday messages for employees should be more formal than birthday messages for co-workers, but they don’t have to be extremely professional. Be sure to share how much you value them not only as a worker, but as an individual.

If your office is small enough, you could offer to take your employees out for lunch or dinner as a birthday treat. However, make sure if you take one out, you take each employee out for their birthday, since you should treat your employees fairly.

Birthday Messages For Clients

Unlike birthday messages for employees or birthday messages for co-workers, any happy birthday messages for clients should be much more professional. Depending on your budget, you may want to attach a small gift such as a gift card or a gift basket. You can also use this as an opportunity to include a gift with your business’s name and logo on it, such as a notebook and pen set or a USB. This is a great marketing strategy to ensure your client remembers your company.


If you’re having difficulty coming up with happy birthday messages for co-workers, thoughtful birthday messages for employees, or birthday messages for clients, consider these tips to help you think of the perfect message. Check out our selection of birthday cards  to find the right card for business relationships. 

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