Why Your Clients Want A Real Christmas Card This Holiday Season

Enough of e-cards. There are so many reasons to switch to real cards, and your clients will thank you…

Picture this: You’ve just arrived at the office after a long morning commute, and you’re flipping through the stash of mail on your desk.

Invoice, flyer, brochure… Then you hit on an envelope with your name and work address written by hand. It makes you pause…

You open it only to find a hand-written Real Christmas Card from your favourite vendor thanking you for your business and wishing you a happy holiday.
Now be honest: Wouldn’t that make your day?

That is no doubt the sender’s intention when they took the time to write and send a Real Christmas Card  through the mail. It’s all about your relationship, and that’s fundamental in business.

You have taken the time to build relationships with people you do business with; showing them you appreciate them at the holidays is easy with an elegant card and a personalized message.

Whether it’s a holiday card to one of your referral partners or a message to a solid client, a Real Christmas Card sent through the mail requires some level of effort on your part—though less than you might think.

Ordering Real Holiday Cards to send shows a lot more interest in your relationship with your clients than pulling up a website and sending the same card to a dozen recipients, without even the slightest thought to personalization.

E-cards are about going through the motions. Real cards are about expressing an emotion.

The person receiving your card will be happy to know that you remember them, and that you care enough to say so. It’s a small comfort in this increasingly busy world, one that reflects sincere appreciation.


What’s The Etiquette Around Sending Real Christmas Cards?

Ask the maven of manners and all things proper, Emily Post (or at least her great-granddaughter-in-law Peggy) and you’ll find out that christmas cards are still an important tradition for many people.

A real card shows a level of consideration for the recipient that you can’t possibly hope to achieve with a digital card.

Here are a few other points of holiday card etiquette to consider:

  • You can send Real Holiday Cards so that they arrive anytime during the holiday period: from December 1 to after New Year’s Day, so long as the message reflects the timing.
  • If you receive a card, you don’t need to rush out to reciprocate, but it’s a good idea to have a few extras on hand so that you can send one back if you decide you want to
  • Sincerity is the name of the game when it comes to holiday communications. It’s not time to brag about your good fortune. Instead, make an honest attempt to share the best wishes of the season and your message will be valued
  • Choose designs and styles that show respect for the recipient. You want it to reflect your personality, but be respectful of theirs


Break Through Digital Fatigue

The world is changing every day, sometimes for the good, but sometimes not. Keeping traditions like sending Real Christmas Cards to your clients at the holidays is one way that we can hold on to a more civilized level of communication and break through digital fatigue.

Chances are, the christmas cards your clients receive will be displayed for weeks either at the office or even at their home. Whether they arrive at the beginning of December or convey best wishes for the New Year, and arrive after January 1st, the meaning and thoughtfulness of the cards will make your client feel a little more of the spirit of the season every time they look at them.

You won’t get that with an e-card. The most common response to an e-card (no matter how well-intentioned the sender) is an eye roll and click to the trash folder. It’s more a hassle than a happy wish, and that’s not the message you want to send to people with whom you do business.


It’s The Thought That Counts

Do you remember your parents telling you that? It’s still true.

The thought that goes into preparing a Real Christmas Card for a client is an intentional act. It tells them that you care about them and value their business enough to wish them well in a way that is more tangible than pressing a ‘send’ button and cluttering up their inbox.

A mailed card reflects the message it sends through intention, particularly during the holiday season.

E-cards make clients feel under appreciated. Real Christmas Cards make clients feel valued and can make sick kids’ wishes come true.

Which will you send to your client this holiday season?


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