It’s January. The twinkling lights are off and the gold and silver bells are gone. The whirlwind of holiday spirit is a distant memory. Everyone is dragging themselves around in the doldrums. Could you provide some cheer during these dark days of winter and help yourself at the same time? You betcha!

How about remembering that holiday spirit with a thank you note? It might be a nice touch to send thank you cards to a few important people in your life.

But who would appreciate receiving greeting cards at this time of year?

Send a Greeting Card to Your Boss

I hear you: “Are you kidding? Send a card to my boss?” Yes, there are some unfortunate bosses out there. The last thing you probably want to do is be seen as that person who sucks up to management. But why not put a smile on your boss’s face by recognizing some their best characteristics? After all, bosses are human, and everyone needs to be appreciated sometimes. Even great bosses rarely get thanked.

Think about it. Did your not-so-horrible boss pay for a holiday party? Hand out bonuses before the holidays? Give out employee gifts? Train you or help you climb the corporate ladder? Bring treats for a meeting? These are little things we often forget to say ‘thank you’ for – change that with a quick, but personalized thank you card.

You’ll be surprised how far your little thank you note goes, to show you truly appreciate the good things. Your boss may be so shocked at receiving a personalized card that they’ll think a little more kindly upon you in the future.

Send Thank You Cards to Your In-Laws

Put all the in-law jokes on hold for a moment and think about it: They feed you! They host family gatherings with aplomb! They know their son or daughter would be lost without you.

Yes, they may annoy you with not-so-subtle comments. But don’t discount the little kindnesses that spring from a good heart. Imagine their faces when they open your thank you note saying how much you enjoyed the great food they served over the holidays. That’ll really knock their new Christmas socks off! And they’ll love you for it.

Send a Personalized Card to Your Spouse

Probably the last person on earth to expect a beautiful personalized card from you after the holidays is your spouse. You can already hear him or her saying, “A card? You already said thanks.” But that’s precisely why they deserve a card. They won’t be expecting it! They do little things around the house (whether cooking, cleaning or making repairs) and mean well. Why not give them a little encouragement?

Write about the gift they bought you, the lights they put up, or the time they picked you up when your car died. These might be little things, but these are the moments that make up a lifetime of caring. Don’t let them pass by unrecognized. Show your appreciation by sending greeting cards to your spouse. Let them know how lucky you feel about celebrating the holiday and your life together!


Some of the most important people in your life might need a little lift right now. Is there someone you should thank after the holidays? Warm them up this winter by sending a thank you note or creating your own personalized thank you cards at Charity Cards. Your heart will also feel warm knowing a percentage of your purchase goes to the Children’s Wish Foundation.