It’s an all-too-familiar picture for most office workers: rows of drab cubicles spanning pale, cheerless walls with a shiny green pophere and there. Artificial plants do well in florescent light. But for the rest of us, office workplaces can be tiring, stale and—let’s be frank—not very stimulating. Fortunately, the holiday season affords employees a much-needed break from the droll, drab decor of most office workplaces. The staff can decorate. And this year, when you dust off that fake Christmas tree stashed in the supply closet, forget the tinsel and blinking lights. Why not display holiday cards instead?

More often than not corporate holiday cards just sit on a desk once received and are promptly… forgotten. You might even have a small collection from years past wasting away in a desk drawer. But displaying holiday cards puts them to use with a little personalization added to lift spirits (and the ambience). Here are a few holiday card decorating ideas to help you get started.

Find A Use For Your Office Whiteboard—With Holiday Cards Displayed In Wreaths!

With their rich reds and greens, deep blues, and soft whites, holiday cards put a whiteboard to festive use. To begin, just draw a perfect circle (trace around an empty water cooler if necessary). Using tape, adhere the first card starting from any quarter point—at the top, think 12 o’clock. Then, overlap the next card leaving about a two-inch gap or wider, depending on the number of holiday cards you have. As you layer more cards toward the bottom, remember to display them right-side up. Showing colleagues’ names the wrong way might be a real downer.

To complete the card display, consider spanning the whiteboard crosswise in red ribbon. It’s a small finish but no less abundant in distinction—and you can even coordinate by department!

Deck The Halls (Or Doors, Specifically*) In Festive Displays Of Holiday Cards!

Every year brings another onslaught of corporate holiday cards. But don’t discard Christmas cards in bulk; use them for a display!

On boardroom doors, managers’ doors, or the President’s door (hint: save the best for last), holiday cards can help you deck the halls of your workplace whether with bows of holly or green Post-It notes. Most standard doors are 36 by 80 inches, so using Christmas cards in bulk might be helpful to cover the larger real estate. And be creative. Coordinate by colour or, better yet, department staff. Employees seeing their names on a boss’ door are certain to feel empowered.

Of course, if you prefer a subtler and decidedly modernist touch, pattern ribbons up and along the door, and affix the cards at the cross-points so every door opens a present—assuming you knock first.

In the end, regardless of your Christmas style choices, showcasing holiday cards in your workplace tells staff and visiting clients that they matter to your business. Think of each and every holiday card as an autograph—a personal note that says: “I was here, and I have connected.”

*It may be helpful to get management approval first.

Corporate Holiday Cards Make Perfect Ornaments

Ornaments crack, popcorn strings tear—and replacements can be costly.

Corporate holiday cards, on the other hand, add a personalized—and practical— display option to your Christmas tree decor. Whether cards meander around the tree or stack the branches, the effect is surreal. Mingled among the lights, your company holiday cards reflect the shots of red and blue glows, mixing colours into unique, radiant hues. It’s a charming decorative cue, and as an added bonus, staff members will also see their names in light.

This holiday season, with Charity Cards’ wide selection of Christmas-themed cards,  you will have abundant choices to brighten your workplace. Also buy Christmas cards in bulk to take advantage of reduce costs.

At least, that is, until January.