Every year you receive countless numbers of holiday cards from friends, family, coworkers, and employees, even your boss. At best, the cards sit on your shelf, or desk for a few weeks before they end up in the recycling.

Instead of tossing out a card with beautiful art work on the front, why not recycle the card for the next year? Charity Cards has picked out our favourite DIY recycled holiday card crafts.

1. DIY Holiday Card Gift Tags

One of the simplest crafts to make with recycled holiday cards is a gift tag. This is great for cards with interesting patterns, or are more abstract. You’ll be able to cut the front of the card into four to six tags, and easily fit a name, message, and signature. Avoid using cards that are full scenes or portray people. You don’t want to give a gift tag with a snowman’s head chopped off!

2. Frame Your Favourite Greeting Cards

Have you ever received a holiday card with beautiful picture on the front? Or opened the envelope and smiled because the card so perfectly reflected your personality? Enjoy the picture throughout the year by framing it! Not all holiday cards have Christmas trees, menorahs, or snowmen on them. If you connect with a card that can be admired all year long, separate the card, and place it in a frame.

3. Holiday Card Wine Glass Charm

Wine glass charms are a simple DIY with holiday cards. If you are planning a holiday party, set out all your wine glasses with festive charms. Take old holiday cards, and cut them into shapes, or cut out the holiday images on the card. Use a punch to make a hole for the string or festive pipe cleaners. Use the string or pipe cleaner to attach the card to the wine glass.

4.  Placeholders

Another DIY party decoration is the greeting card placeholder. Use old holiday cards to create placeholders for your guests by cutting the front of the card into rectangles. Fold the rectangles in half, and write the names of the individuals on the inside.

5.  Greeting Card Gift Bags

Add a personal touch to your holiday gift bags this year by decorating them with greeting cards. Purchase bags that are a single colour. Cut the front of the card off, or cut out images from all different cards to make your own designs. Attached the cards and cut outs to the plain bag to make it your own!


Charity Cards has a variety of cards from very talented Canadian artists. Each year we search for new and fresh art at local art shows and websites. If you would like to give our creative cards this holiday season, browse our artists, or your can shop all our greeting cards.