Business thank you cards are a great way to show your employees that you appreciate all their hard work. Instead of waiting until Employee Appreciation day, why not surprise your employees with a simple gesture that acknowledges their efforts?

Thank you cards for family and friends should be personal, and thank you cards for clients should be professional. When writing a card for your employee, you get the best of both worlds! Employee thank you cards need the perfect balance to show your gratitude towards your employee.

Address Each Employee By Their First Name

The first thing to write in any card is the recipient’s name, and in the case of your employees, more often than not you have developed a friendly relationship where you can appropriately address them by their first names. Under no circumstances should you write “dear employee” or “dear worker” in your business thank you cards. This lack of personalization will only insult your employee and have the opposite affect that a thank you card should have.

Thank Them For What They’ve Done

Don’t wait for a holiday to give your employees thank you cards. Besides giving them a thank you card for Employee Appreciation Day (the first Friday of March), you should be giving them a thank you card when they’ve done something you’re truly grateful for.

For example, if an employee organized a successful event or really helped your business land a deal, a thank you card is a sweet token of appreciation that goes further than just saying “thank you”.

Subtly Mention “Keep Up The Great Work,” Without Sounding Condescending

Encourage your employee to continue doing the great job they’re doing without sounding like a parent praising a child. Base your words on the situation, for example, if they organized a successful event, something like “I look forward to you organizing our next event” or “it’ll be hard to top this great party, but you seem to be a pro”.

Sign Your Name

Don’t forget to sign your name so your employee knows who sent the thoughtful card!

Writing thank you cards for your employees is a sweet and simple way to show how appreciative you are for their hard word. There’s no need to wait for a special holiday like Employee Appreciation Day to give business thank you cards. Browse our selection of thank you cards now to find the perfect card.