You have a beautiful greeting card in front of you, complete with a sincere message written from the heart, but now you’re stuck. How do you end it? Do you just sign your name? Maybe an initial? We know this is a common problem when it comes to greeting cards, so we’ve decided to share our top true and tested greeting card signatures.

Check out our list of the best ways to sign off on a greeting card!

How To Sign A Card For Family Or Friends

When it comes to family and friends, your cards will be more personal than a corporate greeting card. You don’t want to write a sentimental message only to follow it up with “thank you” or “all the best”, which are much more formal.

End your greeting cards for friends and family with any of these signatures to remain consistent from the beginning of the card to the very end:

  • Love
  • Fondly
  • Your friend
  • Lots of love
  • Love always
  • Yours truly

How To Sign A Card For Acquaintances Or Co-Workers

Unlike family and friends, greeting cards for acquaintances and co-workers should be more formal, but can still be a bit personal. Here are our top picks for the best greeting card signatures for a card that needs to be blended between formal and personal:

  • Best regards
  • Warm wishes
  • Warm regards
  • Best wishes
  • Kindest regards
  • All the best

How To Sign A Card For Business Oriented Matters (Clients and Corporate Members)

When you’re sending greeting cards to clients and other corporate members, they should always be formal. Below we’ve listed appropriate greeting card signatures you can use to end any greeting car:

  • Sincerely
  • Regards
  • Thank you
  • Many Thanks

Write The Occasion Again

Even if the card already reads “happy birthday”, writing it in your own writing makes a personal touch. If you do write the occasion again, there’s no need to end your card with any of the above sign-offs besides your name.

Go With Your Instinct 

You know the card receiver best, so write what you think they’ll like, and be appropriate. These examples are just ideas to help you think of what to say.

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