Finding the Right Words For Client Greeting Cards

Finding the Right Words For Client Greeting Cards

Choosing the right card for a client can be overwhelming. The pressure is on to make a good impression, but it can be difficult choosing the right card, especially if don’t have a close relationship with the recipient. Below Charity Cards has provided a few guidelines for finding the perfect card and adding a thoughtful message.

Choosing the Right Greeting Card

Before choosing a greeting card, it is helpful to know the personality of the recipient.  Do they have a sense of humour? Are they sentimental? Are they simple and sweet, or fun and adventurous? Someone’s personality provides you with a foundation for how they will interpret the card. Each person is unique, and greeting cards should appeal to the individual person you’re writing for. However, some people are harder to read than others.  Here are some pointers when choosing your greeting cards, Christmas cards, holiday cards and birthday cards:

  • What’s the occasion? You definitely want to choose the right cards for the occasion.
  • Read the message inside! Would the recipient appreciate it?
  • Ask yourself if the card message is appropriate for the relationship you have with your client. It can have a personal touch but, if you do not know your client well enough, go with something more generic.
  • Consider their beliefs before buying holiday cards; ask yourself, “do they celebrate this holiday?”

How to Write a Thoughtful Message

Once you have picked out the right card for the recipient, think about how they will interpret the message you’re sending. As a business, you want to build a stronger relationship with your client. Here are some pointers on how to write a thoughtful card for your client:

  • Spell their name correctly! Can you imagine getting a card with your name spelled wrong? It’s not a nice feeling.
  • Address their status correctly. They worked hard for their titles, so you should respect that when writing your card
  • Avoid commenting on religion or beliefs.
  • Try not to make it too personal; the client can misinterpret the meaning of the message.
  • BONUS TIP: Make sure to send cards prior to the holiday. Receiving a birthday card 2 weeks after the day doesn’t have the same effect.

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