5 Key Ingredients in Every Greeting Card

5 Key Ingredients in Every Greeting Card

Birthday cards, thank you cards, Christmas cards and holiday cards – no matter what the occasion, or whom the card is for, writing a perfect greeting that captures a meaningful sentiment is tougher than it looks! Below we share some tips on how to write a card that is thoughtful, and perfect for any occasion!

Here are few things that should be included in every greeting card:

 1. The Recipient’s Name

The first thing you should include in any greeting card is the recipient’s name.  Typically, the name goes on the top of the inside of the card, and is the first thing the recipient should see.

Whether your greeting card is for an individual or a business, it’s best to address the card to a person. For an office, use the receptionist or boss’ name. Addressing a card to a general business may appear gimmicky and impersonal. This may cause your card to get overlooked, especially if your recipient is receiving multiple cards (such as during the holidays).

2. The Reason For the Greeting Card

Why are you sending the card? Is it a follow up thank you card, a holiday card, or a birthday card? No matter the circumstance for your card, don’t forget to include that in your message. Thank the recipient; wish them a happy birthday or a happy holiday, or whatever other reason for the greeting card.

3. What Makes This Person Special To You

If it’s appropriate for the occasion, for example, a birthday wish or a special thank you, mention what makes the recipient special to you. Thank a client for conducting business with you, or let a friend know how much their friendship has meant to you.

A little line or two makes all the difference when it comes to how someone will react to your greeting card. Mentioning this takes the personalized card even further, and reinforces the connection between you and your card recipient.

4. Don’t Leave it Hanging

Close your greeting card by thanking your recipient once again, wishing them a good year, or other positive wishes. Keep it short and sweet. This will help with the overall flow of the card, and lead into your signature.

5. Your Signature

Lastly, include your signature so the recipient knows whom the card is from. If you’re a business, don’t forget to include your company name and if you can, a logo somewhere on the card. If you’re sending the card for business purposes, include a business card so your recipient can keep your contact information without keeping the greeting card.

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