A Glimpse into the History Behind Holiday Cards

A Glimpse into the History Behind Holiday Cards

Holiday cards are a big part of the holiday season. They’re a great way to show someone you’re thinking of them, and an excellent way to catch up with those you don’t see often. But how did holiday cards become so popular? We take a peek into the history of holiday cards to find out how this gesture became a holiday tradition.

The Ancient Days of Holiday Cards and Christmas Cards

Did you know the Europeans invented greeting cards in the early 1400s? The tradition of sending holiday cards and Christmas cards started in the United Kingdom in 1843. Sir Henry Cole and his friend, John Horsley, designed and sold the very first Christmas card for only 8 cents!

Greeting cards became much more popular in the 1860s because of the advancement of technology, and by the 1900s, holiday cards became quite popular. Who could have guessed piecing together colourful paper and ribbon into holiday cards would become such an important tradition?

The Popularization of Holiday Cards

To this day, holiday cards and Christmas cards are prominent part of the holiday season. In 2010, over 1.5 billion Christmas cards were sent out! Although e-cards have become fairly popular, some things are better left to tradition.

Around 72% of 8-24 year olds send out Christmas cards every year. During the holiday season, holiday cards and Christmas cards are sent to co-workers, business partners, employees, friends, and family. The love of greeting cards never stops, especially during the holiday season when the demand for holiday and Christmas cards sky rocket. Holiday cards never lose their appeal because people love receiving them, almost as much as they love giving them.

How Holiday Cards Have Become a Social Norm

Just like baking cookies, building a snowman, and munching on peppermint candy canes is part of the holiday season tradition, so is sending holiday cards. Writing Christmas cards has become an enjoyable part of every winter season, just like spending time with loved ones. Sending holiday cards is another way to show those in your life how much you care.

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