Elena Khomoutova

Native of Moscow, Lena (Elena Khomoutova) started painting at the age of six. She wishes to bring peace, light and happiness through her art works. Her intention is to remind people to keep peace in their hearts and be aware of their permanent healing connection with the divine life force energy.

Elena Khomoutova’s paintings emanate peaceful vibrations of happiness. Seven identical elements and an owl figure in her romantic landscapes, with the number 7 representing a good luck and prosperity, and the owl – wisdom of love and oneness with God. This wisdom is hidden in every one of us and that is why the image of the owl is always hidden on the picture.

Light in Elena Khomoutova’s art works is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. When we bring light into ourselves, we connect with the soul level energy. Colour is derived from light. Certain combination of colors and light in Elena’s paintings gives a sense of balance, harmony and wholeness. Some people can gain inspiration and a sense of well being simply by looking at her painting.

You can see a greater selection of Elena Khomoutova’s work at www.LightFromArt.com.

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