Alexander Khomoutov

Alexander Khomoutov was born in Russia. Since 1992 Alexander lives in Canada. He started photographing at the age of five. Since than, he is always looking for beauty in surrounding world, to capture it in his artistic photographs, and share it with people. Alexander wishes to bring Light of Universe and Joy through his art works. Light in his photographs is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. Alexander’s photographs encourage viewers to reconnect with Higher Self. He is combining his art with channelled meditation to bring people power and guidance of Higher Self to achieve happiness, good health and prosperity. This combination is especially helpful during energy shift on the planet, which is happening right now.

Alexander’s aim is to bring LIGHT, Prosperity and Happiness to people, using Energized Art and Quick Pulse Energy tune up sessions.

From Grade 9 at school he started working with Healing Energies. Parents called him a Family doctor, because he was healing them so quickly. Ones he healed his mother when doctors told that nothing could be done. One week later doctors could not believe, when they saw results of tests. She was healthy again.

In 1983 he took an underground course “Energy Healing Medicine” in Moscow and using some of learned techniques since then. He was trained and authorized by Jo Dunning to work as Quick Pulse Energy.

Now Alexander is focusing on using Energy Techniques to Energize Art prints and do one-on-one energy tune up sessions for Prosperity, Love, Joy, Rejuvenation and Happiness. He is sending LIGHT from Art to all who is opening heart for it.

He energizes his photographs. Many of Alexander’s works dedicated to magic of Light of evening and night scenes in his favorite cities: Paris, Quebec City, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and Victoria. He loves to photograph sunsets, flowers and nature. He does corporate, technical & industrial photography. Especially he likes to photograph architecture during night, when in presence of Magic Light – darkness goes away.

Through all his life Alexander had a great passion for photography. First exhibition of Alexander’s joint artwork with his wife Elena was at the Moscow Visual Art Professional Society Gallery, Malaya Gruzinskaia in Moscow, Russia in 1990.

In addition to Photography and Energizing Art Alexander has a wide array of interests, talents and achievements. For example, he holds PhD degree in physics. Alexander also loves computer programming, website design, singing and writing songs, playing guitar, hiking, windsurfing, biking, playing tennis, skiing, snowboarding and sending LIGHT and LOVE around when he is doing it. He is also hosting Healing With Lightworkers Telesummit.

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