Why Your Clients Love Real Holiday Cards So Much

It can be tempting to forgo the yearly tradition of sending holiday cards to your professional clients in favour or sending e-cards or nothing at all, but we’ve complied a list of compelling reasons why greeting cards make perfect sense and are a seriously underused way to capture your clients’ attention.

5. Greeting Cards Are All About The Personal Touch

Every client needs to feel important.

If you’re in a trust-based industry like legal or finance, you understand the importance of building and maintaining trust with your client base. This goes doubly so if you generate a lot of your business through word of mouth referrals.

As any service-based firm will attest, it’s not easy to make every client feel special; like they are your number one client 100% of the time.

Enter a paper greeting cards. Greeting cards have always been a part of personal rituals here in Canada. We give greeting cards at the holidays, for weddings, even to express condolences to a friend who has lost a loved one.

Recent stats show that nine of out ten households in America purchase greeting cards each year. Sending and receiving a card is a poignant and emotional act. It’s special.

The act of sending a real card to a client – even a client you’ve never met in person – is a highly personal act that cuts through the din of typical marketing messages and says “My company values you as a client, and I value you as a person.”

Powerful stuff.

4. The Cure for Digital Fatigue? Kick It Old-School

Full-beards, vinyl records, Labatt’s 50 in a bottle: Millennials love old-school stuff and we fully agree. In this world of Instagram stars and fast fashion, it feels good to return to a time when people made real relationships that weren’t dependent on a plasma interface.

Just as millennials are tired of online relationships, so too are they sick of pop up ads, squeeze pages (when you have to enter your email address to access an e-book or video) and enquiring about a product only to find themselves on an email list for all of eternity.

Millennials are the fastest growing demographic in the workforce and you know what? They hate email. Hate it! And they hate having to unsubscribe to lists they didn’t even know they’ve signed up to (we all hate that) so no wonder they don’t bother.

If you want to make your millennial clients feel the love, ixnay the e-card, and send a real card. You know, with a real stamp that actually gets delivered by a real person (we love you Canada Post!). Receiving a card in the mail always makes a person feel special because the act is authentic.

Your millennial clients will approve.

3. Greeting Cards Don’t Carry Viruses

After the whole Panama Papers controversy, most Canadian and American law firms got wise about opening attachments. And for good reason. Beyond the dramatic ‘Panama Paper’-style threat, opening an attachment these days can still be a risky proposition. Ransomware anyone? You get my meaning…

The good thing about real greeting cards over ecards, is that the chances of a real greeting card carrying a virus that can take down your entire digital infrastructure is slim to nil.

Did we mention how special a greeting card makes the recipient feel?

2. Delete vs. Hang On Wall

Most e-cards are deleted almost as soon as they’re received. Don’t believe me? Tell me, what do YOU do the moment you receive an ecard in your inbox? I rest my case.

Contrast this with the Card String.

Remember when your mom used to display all the holiday cards the family received on a piece of string hung up in the living room wall?

Send a real greeting card, and one of three things will happen:

  1. It’s hung on the living room wall to be admired alongside close family holiday cards
  2. It’s displayed near the company’s reception desk to be admired for a month or so
  3. It’s placed on the recipient’s desk or tacked to the wall to be admired for a month or two

Compare that to how we treat e-cards, and which one would you rather send to your most important clients?

1. Send the Right Message

In recent years, e-cards have become an easy way for CFO’s to save the company money.

The problem is that every other CFO thinks the same.

The result? A company sending e-cards doesn’t look like it’s honouring its best clients; on the contrary, it simply looks like a company that can’t afford to thank its clients properly.

CharityCards has a challenge for you: Pick up the phone, call your favourite client as ask them whether they’d rather receive a greeting card or an e-card this season.

That should tell you all you need to know about why you should be sending your best clients real greeting cards this holiday season.


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