When you think of corporate cards for clients, your mind probably runs to the holiday cards that flood in during the Christmas season.

There are so many other great opportunities for sharing your good wishes with your peers and colleagues; you might be missing out on a chance to stand out from the crowd with a potential or existing customer too!

Here are some other opportunities to connect authentically with a customer, that you might not have thought of before:

Grand Opening Announcement Cards

Whether it’s a client who is finally opening their brick and mortar store, a customer who bought a building to create a better location for their business, or a past customer who is launching a new venture, send them a card to wish them well on their big event.

It’s a lot of work to open a business and having that effort noted is gratifying, no matter if the person receiving the card is new to entrepreneurship or is a seasoned CEO.

New Location Or Expansion, Certification Announcement Cards

When a business you’ve connected with in the past decides to expand, they’re on a positive upswing, so it’s a great time to let them know that you’re aware of their changes and that you’re behind them 100%.

Similarly, if they have worked hard to obtain industry certifications or credentials, acknowledging that effort is a lovely way to let them know you’re paying attention.

New Service Or Product Line Announcement Cards

An authentic connection requires that you be paying attention and a customer that is offering a new service or product line, that they clearly want to showcase, will be thrilled to receive a card that commends them on the changes they are making. Being an entrepreneur can be thankless at times; the simple acknowledgement of a change can go a long way to solidifying an already good relationship.

Birthdays Or Anniversary Cards

This requires a little more effort, to keep a database of birthdays or business anniversaries for your customers, but it’s a gesture that is appreciated when it arrives in a form that feels personal and sincere. A quick e-card dashed off on the computer, through an automated program, isn’t of much value. In fact, it could harm your business in that your customer feels as though they are just a number, instead of being a valued resource.

A printed, art adorned card, with a handwritten message inside, says far more than an email ever will.

New Year Cards

While Christmas cards are de rigueur in many industries, an alternative is to send your best wishes for the coming year. In business, everyone wants a good year and starting off on the right foot, with well wishes from others, is a great first step.

When the holidays are over, and the inevitable deflating of energy that causes, you can send them a ray of light for a bright and fabulous season or year.

‘We Miss You’ To Clients Cards

If you have clients you haven’t heard from in a while, it’s a good idea to put yourself top of their minds by just sending them a note to say hello. No pressure, no sales pitch. Just a simple statement that tells them that you’ve noted their absence and would love to see them back again. If they’ve been hesitating to contact you precisely because of their absence, this might bridge the divide in a casual way that benefits you both.

Referral Thank You Cards

If a customer has referred others to your business, your best bet is to acknowledge that with a card, a personal note, and perhaps a little something for them too. Whether the latter is an incentive to purchase too or even just a gift card for the local coffee shop, a little thank you goes a long way!

Simple ‘Thank You For Your Business’ Cards

The art of saying thank you has fallen by the wayside these days. We’re too apt to take what we have for granted and forget to tell people, including our customers, that we appreciate them.

While so often a company will offer specials and discounts to new clients, existing customers who have been loyal may sometimes get left out. If nothing else, recognizing their loyalty with a message and a card, is a good first step to keeping that relationship strong for a long time to come.

Recognition of a job well done, regardless of who it’s from, is always well received. After all, we all need a pat on the back once in a while and a greeting card is an authentic way to show that you’re paying attention and that you care about what your customers are up to, beyond how it will serve your purposes.