Why Does CharityCards Support Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada?

Why Does CharityCards Support Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada?

We are always asked, “why does CharityCards support Children’s Wish Foundation?” And there are so many reasons why we love and support this fantastic organization.

Businesses are in a the perfect position to do more than make money. They can affect real change in the lives of people who are in a place where they need it most. A willingness to channel effort, and money, into a philanthropic endeavour is good for everyone. It’s good for business, it’s good for the charities supported and it’s good for the human race.

Working in partnership with the Children’s Wish Foundation is just a natural choice that we have made here at Charity Cards, as part of becoming the kind of organization we wanted to be.

Learn more about the how and why of our choice!

What Is The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada?

Treatments for illnesses are grievous and difficult to handle for adults; imagine being a child, struggling every day for your survival. Being able to escape that daily reality, even for just a little while, brings so much hope and joy to kids. Having a wish granted to look forward to gives these children the strength they need to persevere.

The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada—CWF—is an a national charity that grants wishes to eligible children, ages 3 to 17, who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses. In its over 30 years of activity, the foundation has granted wishes to over 26,000 children and their families. Since its inception, CWF has extended its mission to include children who suffer from genetic and neurological disorders. Their daily challenges are real too, with complex and difficult care needs, as well as shortened life spans.

Each year, volunteers and donors work hard to grant about 1,000 wishes across the country: that’s about 3 wishes a day! It’s important work, providing kids, who are threatened by an illness, with the opportunity to live out one of their dreams.

A Sample Of Dreams Come True

16 year old Isabelle was born with a heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Her childhood marred by surgeries and worry, she was focused on one of her biggest dreams: attending a live taping of the hit show “America’s Got Talent”. In August 2018, she got her wish, even meeting the celebrity hosts of the show! Her whole family got to enjoy the event with her, a moment in time she will never forget.

3 year old Emma was diagnosed at 17 months with Stage IV Wilms Tumour, a rare kidney cancer that had metastasized to her lungs. She endured months of agonizing treatment including surgery, chemo and radiation. For children like Emma, believing in a future without pain is very difficult, but CWF wanted to give her hope. Emma’s dream was to meet her favourite princess, Rapunzel, and CWF made that happen, along with a trip to Disney World. The trip didn’t cure her cancer, but it gave her hope and strength to carry on her fight and, for just a moment, be the princess that she already was.

While not all children survive their fight, the granting of their wishes creates a profound impact for them, and their families, helping them to learn that life needs to be savoured.

What Role Has Charity Cards Played In Supporting CWF?

Donating 20% of each sale to CWF has allowed us to help make 77 children’s wishes happen, to date. And we’re not done! We couldn’t be more proud of this number because each wish is so important to the children and families who receive them. The joy it brings, allowing children and their families to escape the everyday reality of their illness, is without a doubt our greatest motivation.

At Charity Cards, we feature beautiful greeting cards by many known Canadian artists. We’re also proud to feature new incredible artwork produced by young artists, all of whom are children who have or soon will benefit from a wish from The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada.

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