Q1: How does CharityCards.ca use my personal information?

In general, we collect and use personal information to:

  • Establish a relationship with you and to provide you with products and services through our site;
  • Process payment and collections and fulfill delivery obligations;
  • Recommend particular products and services to meet your needs;
  • Develop and enhance our product and service offerings.

Q2: Do you share my personal information with third parties?

Charitycards.ca has relationships with third party payment processing companies. Currently we use the services of PayPal (www.paypal.ca) and Paymentech (www.chasepaymentech.ca). These payment processing companies require certain personal information in order to process the payment for the products you have purchased through our website. During the check out process, the information you enter goes to these processing companies. Each of these companies has posted the terms, conditions, and policies for their respective services on their sites and we ask that you review these before providing any personal information.

We may also be required by law or statue to share information with government agencies upon their request or as part of our reporting requirements.

In some cases, personal information may be stored or processed outside of Canada and may therefore be subject to the legal jurisdiction of these countries. At this time, however, all of CharityCards.ca services are processed in Canada. This may change in the future, and if so, we will advise you of the change by posting this information in our privacy policy. We suggest that you consult the policy and our terms of use each time you visit this site.

Q3: How can I correct inaccurate personal information you may have about me?

By emailing us at privacy@charitycards.ca, you can request access to the personal information we have in connection with your purchases from our website. You may also use that e-mail address to advise of changes in your personal information or to correct inaccurate information.

Q4: Can I opt out of sharing my personal information with CharityCards.ca?

Yes, you may elect not to share your personal information with us. You can advise us by sending us an email at privacy@charitycards.ca. However, without your consent, we will be limited in our ability to proactively meet your needs and to process your purchases.

Q5: How do I contact CharityCards.ca if I have questions about your policies and use of personal information?

You may contact CharityCards.ca at anytime with your questions about our privacy policy and practices by e-mailing us at privacy@charitycards.ca.

Q6: Do you use cookies?

From time to time, we use cookies to track customers and guests of our website through Yahoo! Web Analytics. We collect information that will help us improve the website and ultimately the users’ experience. We also use cookies for the Online Print Solutions application, which allows our customers to participate in the multistep process of selecting and creating a greeting card, adding it to a shopping cart, and using the check out functions.

Q7: What are cookies?

In general, cookies are small files placed on your computer at the time you visit a website. They are used to store non-personal information to manage and customize your website experience.

Q8: What happens to my credit card information?

Charitycards.ca currently has made arrangements with third parties to process payments made by you for the purchase of our products. When your transaction is processed, you will provide your credit card information to these third party service providers. Currently, only PayPal (www.paypal.ca) or Chase Paymentech Solutions, LLC (www.chasepaymentech.ca), as the case may be, act as our third party processors and only they would have information to this credit card information, together with other relevant billing information such as your address and e-mail address.

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