How to Choose an Appropriate Greeting Card for a Client


Giving a greeting card to clients may be automatic when celebrating seasonal events. However, you should regard it as a free invitation to showcase your brand to your clients and to make a subtle marketing pitch to new customers! That means some thought and deliberation should go into picking cards for a corporate holiday card or when ordering cards for businesses you work with frequently.

Writing The Perfect Holiday Card For Employees


In the best of times or the worst of times, choosing a holiday card for employees can be a gruelling challenge anytime, even if you’re the boss—and especially when putting words to paper. Why?   Because today’s corporate workplaces are more diverse than ever, and thus, communicating a greeting with the right holiday card can often entangle one in a maze of questions about cultural sensitivities. How do you write Christmas cards for employees without alienating some? Worse yet, what if they’re welcome?   Staff… Read More

How To Write Thoughtful Birthday Card Messages


Working in an office means there’s a birthday to celebrate quite often. Whether it’s a co-worker, employee, or client’s birthday, you’ll want to send a card with a thoughtful birthday messages. At Charity Cards, know how difficult it can be to come up with happy birthday messages, which is why we’ve put together a few tips so you can write the best birthday messages every time!

Reuse Holiday Cards: Simple DIY Crafts


Every year you receive countless numbers of holiday cards from friends, family, coworkers, and employees, even your boss. At best, the cards sit on your shelf, or desk for a few weeks before they end up in the recycling. Instead of tossing out a card with beautiful art work on the front, why not recycle the card for the next year? Charity Cards has picked out our favourite DIY recycled holiday card crafts.

how to write thank you cards business thank you cards employee appreciation

How to Write Thank You Cards for Employees


Business thank you cards are a great way to show your employees that you appreciate all their hard work. Instead of waiting until Employee Appreciation day, why not surprise your employees with a simple gesture that acknowledges their efforts?   Thank you cards for family and friends should be personal, and thank you cards for clients should be professional. When writing a card for your employee, you get the best of both worlds! Employee thank you cards need the perfect balance to show your gratitude… Read More

How To Sign A Greeting Card


You have a beautiful greeting card in front of you, complete with a sincere message written from the heart, but now you’re stuck. How do you end it? Do you just sign your name? Maybe an initial?  We know this is a common problem when it comes to greeting cards, so we’ve decided to share our top true and tested greeting card signatures. Check out our list of the best ways to sign off on a greeting card!