Christmas cards on wall

The Must Know Reasons For Sending Holiday Cards To Your Clients


Why Your Clients Love Real Holiday Cards So Much   It can be tempting to forgo the yearly tradition of sending holiday cards to your professional clients in favour or sending e-cards or nothing at all, but we’ve complied a list of compelling reasons why greeting cards make perfect sense and are a seriously underused way to capture your clients’ attention.   5. Greeting Cards Are All About The Personal Touch Every client needs to feel important. If you’re in a trust-based industry like legal… Read More

Who Should You Send Corporate Thank You Cards To?


No business operates in isolation. No matter what industry you’re in, you probably have a lot of people to thank for helping you make your business a success. Whether it’s dedicated employees, business contacts, investors, or clients, there’s probably someone you’d like to thank for helping you out along the way. Thank you cards are a thoughtful way to show that you appreciate what these people have done to help make you a success! As a bonus, all Charity Card purchases directly support children’s charity,… Read More

3 Special People to Send Thank You Cards to After the Holidays


It’s January. The twinkling lights are off and the gold and silver bells are gone. The whirlwind of holiday spirit is a distant memory. Everyone is dragging themselves around in the doldrums. Could you provide some cheer during these dark days of winter and help yourself at the same time? You betcha! How about remembering that holiday spirit with a thank you note? It might be a nice touch to send thank you cards to a few important people in your life. But who would… Read More

3 Things Every Corporate Holiday Card Should Include


Christmas is the perfect opportunity to strengthen relationships with partners and vendors. Why? Because personalized connections—bound in rare, unscripted moments when we’re truly ourselves—have a way of keeping us connected over time. We remember them. Giving customers a corporate holiday card is one sure way to be remembered well.

Who Should You Send Your Holiday Card To?


Think of yourself at the centre of numerous overlapping circles of communities filled with people you know: the circle of close family, the circle of acquaintances, the centre of work colleagues, a circle of clients and potential clients and so on. Add them up and you can easily count hundreds, perhaps thousands of people within your circles, from the postman to old high school friends. Each and every person is a potential business contact or someone who can introduce you to a business contact. Get… Read More

Ideas For Displaying Holiday Cards At Your Office


It’s an all-too-familiar picture for most office workers: rows of drab cubicles spanning pale, cheerless walls with a shiny green pophere and there. Artificial plants do well in florescent light. But for the rest of us, office workplaces can be tiring, stale and—let’s be frank—not very stimulating. Fortunately, the holiday season affords employees a much-needed break from the droll, drab decor of most office workplaces. The staff can decorate. And this year, when you dust off that fake Christmas tree stashed in the supply closet,… Read More