Who Should You Send Your Holiday Card To?

December 10, 2015 1:03 pm

Think of yourself at the centre of numerous overlapping circles of communities filled with people you know: the circle of close family, the circle of acquaintances, the centre of work colleagues, a circle of clients and potential clients and so on. Add them up and you can easily count hundreds, perhaps thousands of people within your circles, from the postman to old high school friends. Each and every person is a potential business contact or someone who can introduce you to a business contact. Get to work and send a Christmas card to those people who could bring you new business in the coming year.

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Family and Friends

This is the easiest group to include. Remember that your family can be your best network for driving new business. Who else would give your business a better reference? While it is a no-brainer to include your best friend, it is much harder to ensure that distant relatives each get a card and that you get the names of their spouses and children correct.  But the most important thing to remember is not to leave anyone off your list: don’t let a petty family rift occur over something as silly as not sending a holiday card!

Business Contacts

This is the most crucial area to concentrate on if your business is devoted to personal contacts and networking. Remember all those people you met at business luncheons, charity events, and pitch meetings? Remember all those business cards you stuffed into your pocket? All those people you emailed during the year? They are all potential clients who need to know that you are thinking of them this holiday season.A holiday card is an excellent way to send them greetings and to subtly remind them of the business services you offer. Bulk holiday cards can help you get this process organized and ensure every possible contact receives a holiday card from your company.

Don’t Forget Employee Holiday Cards!

Every business owner and office has a manager or assistant who is the centre of the organization and ensures the senior managers are prepared. Remember to include these hardworking people in your holiday card list: they will be more receptive to handling your business calls and requests over your competitors and that will make it easier to reach and keep in contact with potential clients. In fact don’t forget to add the delivery person and all your own support staff. Sending them a card means you recognize and appreciate their services. When the time comes for them to handle your business, they might just remember your thoughtfulness, and go out of their way to return make some of your goodwill!

Get Your Corporate Holiday Card Right

If you are taking the trouble to buy and send bulk holiday cards, you have to make the effort to ensure they get to their intended recipient and that they have all the information correct. Check and double-check names and addresses are correct. Remember, small businesses and personnel—especially salespeople—move often. Don’t guess on the spelling of a name. You know how you feel when a card comes to you with your name spelled incorrectly.  If you are unsure, call their office to check. Ensure everyone’s position is also correct and up-to-date. If they are recently promoted, it gives you an opening to congratulate them on their new position.

A Handwritten Note Makes an Impression

Finally, writing a note by hand means you have taken the time to express your personal wishes to the individual. Not doing this is worse than not sending a card at all! A mass-produced signature can seem distant or impersonal. If you have time, make sure to sign every card individually for a more personal touch!   Charitycards.ca has a wide range of heart-warming and beautiful cards for every occasion. Find the perfect holiday card to send out to all your business contacts, friends and loved ones now.  

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