3 Things Every Corporate Holiday Card Should Include

December 15, 2015 3:14 pm

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to strengthen relationships with partners and vendors. Why? Because personalized connections—bound in rare, unscripted moments when we’re truly ourselves—have a way of keeping us connected over time. We remember them.

Giving customers a corporate holiday card is one sure way to be remembered well.

corporate holiday card

Of course, what you say in a corporate holiday card is important. Reach beyond the symbolic: even in a personal exchange, your message should leave customers thinking about your relationship through the holidays. What impression do you want to leave? How can you encourage continuing the relationship without being funny or seeming to pander: “Hey Bob, I hope our killer deal in Q3 really decked your halls this Christmas. Call me in January!”

Being yourself should come naturally—even in a professional environment. Just remember to include these three simple things in any Christmas card for your corporate clients.

One: Your customer’s name—in your handwriting.

Sending a generic Christmas card—unnamed, with a standard, printed message—sends the wrong message, telling customers that your relationship with them is not unique.

On the other hand, handwriting their name (on the envelope and in the card) lends a personal signature to the relationship: it reminds your customers they mattered enough for you to personally put their name to paper. Just make sure you have the correct spelling – a misspelled name can say the opposite of what you intend!

Two: A personal (and positive) detail that your client made a point of sharing with you.

Is your client expecting a child in the new year? Did she buy a new home? Was she recently promoted? Consider including these or any other positive anecdotes your clients shared with you—because you connected—as you start your greeting card message.

But remember to be brief. For example, “Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas in your new home” says enough without wasting words.

Three: Share your gratitude.

Yes, thank your customer for the moments you shared. We all desire acknowledgement for our hard efforts, and who would begrudge a polite thanks to remind us? Expressions of gratitude—again, in your own handwriting—help to reaffirm the personal connection enough for customer to see it. And you won’t have to tell them. The effort you made will speak volumes.

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